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Aug 29

This Michael Jackson birthday mix on 93.1 WZAK is awe inspiring.
The sheer amount if hits this man made is amazing.
I wonder how long a set of all his music would be?

There are some DJ’s out there who know the answer.


Honest Brand Slogans By Clif Dickens

Branding is all about good company image and great customer feedback. However, even the biggest brands have some qualities, which do not exactly enhance their brand’s value. That’s why Clif Dickens thought of a unique way how to make fun of global brands, replacing their original slogans with something a little bit more honest.

The brilliancy of his work is in its simplicity: by putting things that people already know about these brands next to their logos, they seem even more true. Nonetheless, the brands remain at the top and we get a good laugh at them, a win-win situation for everyone!

More Info:


This post just reminded me of how badly I need to get my hairline edged up.

me barber just retired and I’m like a week and a half away from ‘need a haircut’ status.  I just found him when I moved down here a few years ago and he was right by my house so it was great. But he gave me razor bumps anyway, and I was too lazy/it was too awkward to find someone new before, so its a blessing in disguise.


So I got an advance copy of Randy’s What If (due to ~~FRIENDSHIP~~) and over on Twitter I was sharing some of my favourite pages.  The book is out for reals on Sept 2nd!

That back cover tho

love the comic XKCD. Mr. Munroe’s book looks like it could be very good

Aug 28


Ashley Mackenzie: The Philosophical Illustrations

artist on Tumblr

Ashley Mackenzie tackles complex questions about the relationship between mind and body, creating conceptual, illustrative works that stand at the cross-section of the philosophy of the mind and neuroscience. “As our knowledge of the brain becomes more comprehensive, it seems like the idea of the soul exists only in the gaps of our understanding,” Mackenzie writes on her website. Bodies melt like pools of liquid in these placid, sparsely-detailed illustrations as they visualize the inner workings of the mind.

(via asylum-art)


Going to St. Anthony’s Feast tomorrow possibly. there will be cannolis eaten.


Going to St. Anthony’s Feast tomorrow possibly. there will be cannolis eaten.

OK Artie T., you’ll be under more scrutiny because everyone knows how much this supermarket chain is worth now. Still, you gotta figure out a way to earn back the trust of the customers, but more importantly the vendors. And still keep the prices low.

Please please please establish an online presence. I mean, at least put the circular up online so it’s not some random dude’s Facebook page. Social media and technology ain’t all that bad, just use them the right way. (I am not saying self scan, pick-up, or delivery services)

And open up the store in Attleboro please! It looks so huge, nice, and new. I’ve never had MB while having to do my own grocery shopping. Driving by it every day closed down is just a tease.

Aug 27


Erik SöderbergFractal Experience”

In early 2011 I was exploring the relations of geometry, nature and the human being in a series of 25 pictures that I called ”Fractal Experience”. This is part two - continuing the exploration of geometric shapes, patterns, and fractals with an added element: space-time. This time I’ve worked in 3D and produced a set of animated looping gif’s.
I’ve limited each animation to at most 48 frames, most are around 10-15 frames - to keep the file size small and to maximize the creativity with in these frames.

(via asylum-art)

Aug 26


so he has a sibling named….


so he has a sibling named….


Darren Wilson supporters are the literal worst. 

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