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Vinnie. Grown. Boston/Providence. I'm an artist. This? Its things that I like to look at. Art, food, design, scientific/medical images, photography and commercials that are better than the shows they air during. Tags: black, green, food. Check my other blog:

Apr 18


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we’d rather die than fail.

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2014 Ford S-Max Vignale

Bourdain Punjab Episode Airs Sunday


For his season premiere of Parts Unknown my guy Tony traveled to Punjab. He hit me up to make a song for him so I enlisted the help of my man Hot Sugar and my momma. I had Hot Sugar record the sounds of my moms cooking, my niece crying, and whatever else goes on at the crib and make a beat. I rapped about desi ghee and sarson da saag. The episode airs Sunday night. Please check it out.


2014 Audi Q4 teasers




i think about this video almost every day and i am so frightened of it


c-ology for you, my friend.
I was transfixed…

If you want to see your quality of life take a dramatic downturn…

…let the remote disappear or stop working. All the sudden it’s like ‘what even is life?’… Having remote related existential crises…start praying aloud while searching the couch for the third time talkin bout ‘please Jesus! It’s gotta be here’

Apr 17


Martin Wittfooth's Tooth and Claw


Born in 1981 in Toronto and spending most of his childhood in Finland, Martin Wittfooth is a New York City-based artist with an MFA from the School of Visual Arts. His luminous yet foreboding oil paintings portray scenes of nature fighting against the destructive hand of man, whether it’s the toxic industries he’s created or the evolutionary havoc he is wreaking on the animal kingdom. Humanity’s footprint is forever etched into the landscapes of the earth, and through a powerful visual narrative Wittfooth explores its lasting effects through representations of animals interacting with man’s industrial and societal creations, a sort of cautionary tale of what’s potentially to come.


Marvel Families - Series 2

Illustrations by Andry Rajoelina

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exclusively for the Paris Comic-Con, hosted by Geek-Art!

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WHERE are they getting this stuff !!


Client: How will you get the voice over the video?

Me: You mean the narration? We film the video portion and lay an audio track over it in post production.

Client: What? No. Why don’t you just have someone stand behind the camera man, talking into a microscope?

haha a microscope


One of my favorite Mako ‘Hallelujah’ moments is when she imitate a character. 

Mako is the BEST.

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